24/7 Data Collection
and reporting

Continuous improvement in performance demands highly developed reporting applications. Teknosavo’s reporting applications enable real time monitoring and controlling of wood handling processes, which will increase total long-term mill productivity, efficiency and cost-effectiveness. End-products will be more sustainable and desirable.

Contact us and we can together assess, which Teknosavo’s optimization solutions for wood handling automation would provide your business the most improvement in productivity and savings.


ReportSmart is a Windows-based application that is used for reporting purposes in the WoodSmart wood room optimization system at pulp and paper mills. This application consists of data collection and visualization of desired process parameters. Measured values can be followed via chart displays in real time. It is also possible to look through the stored data in the database. If needed, the information can be exported to spreadsheet programs, such as MS Excel.

Other properties of the ReportSmart application are for example disturbance data management and manual input of data, including post-correction, as well as making customized Web- and MS Excel-based reports. ReportSmart is in fact a part of the information system for operators and management (MIS). This software is independent of hardware manufacturers due to its OPC interface.